Check 'em out!

These days most every classroom has at least one student who leaves the classroom for a therapy. Sometimes I feel like there is a revolving door in my classroom. All of my special education students get 2 to 5 different types of therapies a week. No matter how organized I am it is difficult to keep track of where everyone is going while trying to teach. Last year I started using a system that gives me a quick visual if someone is out of the room. 
       On the back of my classroom door I hung this...

Every student that leaves the room for therapy has a clothes pin with his or her name on it. When it is time for the student to leave the room the therapist and student have to "check out" by moving the student's clothes pin to the therapist's card. 

Not only is this a great tool for me it also works on...
  • Discriminating your name in an array
  • Gives extra fine motor practice
  • Works on reading 
If you have a visually impaired student in your room you can make his/her clothes pin a different color. For my student with vision needs I used a blue clothes pin (see 1st picture) to provide an extra cue for him to find his clothespin. Depending on the student's needs you could also write his/her name in a different color. 
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