Easter fun!

Looking for a way to combine Easter, language, math and fun??? I found a cool idea on Pinterest to do a glow in the dark egg hunt (click here to see the pin). Gather the supplies:
     Crack the glow sticks and hide them inside the plastic eggs. Then hide the filled eggs around the classroom. Turn the lights off and draw the shades to make it as dark as possible in your classroom. It was a sunny day on the day we did it and it was hard to get it dark enough in my classroom for the eggs to really glow. I would recommend doing it on a cloudy day if possible.
      Students then searched around the room to find an egg. The first time we did this it was just for fun after our math and reading periods. Other times we worked on language and math skills. 

      To add language skills in have students describe where they found the egg using positional words. For example, "The egg was next to the pencil sharpener." Another way is to have one student hide the egg and then have to give directions to a peer to find the egg. 
      Add math skills in by graphing how many eggs each student found. Use the graph to practice making comparison statements and interpreting data on a graph. If students aren't ready for graphs you could also work on sorting eggs by color and/or size. 
      After all of the eggs had been collected my kiddos got to wear and keep their glow in the dark rings...

The rings were a big hit!


  1. This is such a cute idea! I will definitely try this!


    1. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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