Motor math

Do you have kids that need to move? My room is full of kiddos that crave movement, so I mixed math and movement and came up with Motor Math! To cut down on wait time and increase the amount of time students are on task I broke my class into 3 groups. The groups then rotated through the different motor centers. There were 3 centers...2 gross motor and one fine motor. 

The first center was hopscotch addition. To begin with students rolled an over-sized die.
Next the student counted the dot(s) and wrote the number on the white board. An adult wrote the numbers for the students who aren't able to write yet due to fine motor delays. The student then rolls the die again to find out which numbers they are adding.
Together we made dots under the numbers to practice making sets and developed a visual for the addition sentence. Once the addition sentence was completed the student acted it out with our hopscotch rings. Example: for 3 + 2 the kiddo jumps up 3 then adds 2 by jumping 2 more.
    The 2nd center was Bowling for Subtraction. For this center the students started by setting up bowling pins and counting how many there were (10). That number was written on the chalk board. Next the student bowled trying to knock down as many pins as possible. Students then counted how many pins were knocked down.

Next the student completed the subtraction sentence by counting how many pins were still standing.

The 3rd center was Stamping Up The Sets. Students had to draw a number, identify it and then stamp that many. Click HERE to for more info on this center.

Do you have a math motor activity that your class likes? Drop me a comment...I would love to hear about it!

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