Teachers Rock!!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!
We are so thankful for all of the amazing teachers that we are participating in TPT's site wide sale. Everything is on sale! When you use the code TPTXO the discount increases to 28%!!!
The sale runs from May 6th to May 7th. Don't miss out...fill your carts now!!
Here are a few of my best sellers:
The Sink or Float set perfectly blends science and reading. Students get opportunities to practice answering questions, completing an experiment and recording their answers. 

The Sound Blending Center is perfect for students who are learning to move beyond knowing letter sounds in isolation and move towards blending sounds to make words. This set has an added bonus to check for comprehension of the word.

Kids L-O-V-E the groovy cat! This booklet is a great way to extend the book while practicing subtraction. Students work on decomposing numbers and making visuals to go along with subtraction sentences. This set contains both color and black/white versions of the booklet. 

Happy Shopping My Friends!!!

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