Glowing with Love For Learning!

    As I mentioned at the beginning of the month we are doing a balloon count down to the end of the year. Every day we pop a balloon to figure out how many days are left and reveal a secret message hidden inside the balloon. Today's balloon message was to have a glow stick party! Students learned about chemical reactions, connectors and practiced fine motor skills. 

We talked about chemical reactions as we worked to break the bubbles and mix the harmless chemicals. To make the reaction we needed to use our finger muscles.
We also had to add connectors to make them into bracelets and necklaces.

The students had a ball with this science lesson!! If you are interested in finding glow stick  science ideas I highly recommend Pinterest. There are many listed on there!

I got two sets of glow sticks for this activity. The first sticks we used were these ones from Target. 
They were a better deal than the second batch I got at the dollar store, BUT the colors weren't as strong and didn't last as long. I highly recommend getting these ones form the dollar store instead:

This was an unexpected part of the lesson which we went with...we compared the different colors and sticks to see which lasted longer and had brighter colors. 
Have fun!

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