Monday Fun*Day Freebies: All About Apples

This week's edition of freebies is all about apples! The first one up is from my friend over at Kamp Kindergarten. It is a twist on one of my favorite activities...Write the Room!

Instead of the typical ELA based writ the room this one is for math. First, students find the cards around the room.
Next, students add the numbers on the dice and record their answers on their recording sheet. Love! You can download this freebie HERE. Be sure to check out her full set while you are there!

Next apple freebie is brought to you by me! This is a great way to practice listening comprehension, adjectives and language concepts without worksheets.
One student gets to be the apple tree while the other students have to "decorate" the tree by following your directions. Students LOVE this low prep activity. Here is a photo of one of my cute apple trees!

You can download the apple freebie HERE.

Do you have a free activity or product you would like shared? Leave me a comment below.

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