Halloween edition of Monday Fun*day Freebies!

It is that time of the year where the chill settles in and the days get shorter....ahhh, fall! This is also the time of the year that kiddos start getting excited for Halloween and dream of bags overflowing with candy. It can be difficult to keep students focused on school work, but these FREEBIES are here to help kiddos stay engaged.

This freebie is from Sharon Strickland's TPT store. It is a fun Halloween noun versus verb sorting activity that is sure to leave your students smiling. This is a great way to combine ELA review with fine motor practice:
Download this FREEBIE HERE! Be sure and check out the rest of her store while you are there. Her Thanksgiving Crafts set looks great!

The next freebie is from Clever Classroom and it is all about Halloween, too. 

I love the way that these sheets could be used in so many different ways- depending on your students' needs. For example, some of my students used this as a matching activity. We cut and laminated the colored copy into smaller rectangles. Students had to match the pictures to the black and white copy. For a different group of students they worked on reading and copying the words. Love that you can customize this to your needs!
Click HERE to download the freebie. While you are there be sure to check out the rest of the store. I own and LOVE her bottle cap bundle!

Hope these freebies help to keep your instruction lively and your students engaged!

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