Rhyme to Read App!

Do you have struggling or reluctant readers in your class? My special education classroom is made up of students who are all struggling readers. They are reluctant to work at it and easily discouraged, so I was THRILLED when I found this new app...Rhyme To Read!

My students were immediately excited to work on reading on the ipad! They are highly motivated by such activities. 

We spent a great deal of time working on word families in my classroom. This app also increases and cues students in to word families by color coding them...LOVE!

Another pro to the program is the list of words on the left side of the page (next to her finger). This gave my students a chance to warm up and sound out any of the words prior to reading them in a sentence. This was particularly helpful for my students who struggle with fluency. It "primed" them for the reading.

Using this app we were also able to work on the strategy of looking at the picture for cues. The graphics are clear and don't overwhelm the page or students. 

Ready to hear the best part?! The first book to this program is FREE!! You can download it and see if it is right for your child or students. The complete program contains 20 books which build on each other. The word families that were introduced in an earlier book pops up again and again in later books to give students the opportunity to practice and become more fluent. 

You can read more about the program at rhymetoread.com or download the program HERE. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Happy Reading!

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