Math Movement

Research is clear...learning through movement is an effective way to get students to attend, engage and learn.  Click here for a good article on how movement effects the brain.

Movement can be added to most any lesson. In my class math is the subject dreaded the most, so I try to add movement to most of our math lessons. 

Here is a SIMPLE way to add movement without any extra materials. 

For this simple activity all I needed was a variety of math visuals that I already have (tens frames, numbers, etc.) To begin we all stood on one side of the classroom. Next, I placed a few numbers on the floor on the other side of the room. One at a time students were given a number or a tens frame card. Once they identified the number associated with the card they were told a motor activity to do all the way across the classroom. In the picture above the student is doing the bear walk. The bear walk gives good proprioceptive input to students as well as works on  bilateral movement.

Students can be doing these motor movements at the same time which decreases wait time. You choose the movement for each student so it is easy to individualize based on student's motor abilities and needs. For example, in the picture above one student is bear walking, one student is hopping with 2 feet together and the third kiddo had to march all the way down. 

Once the student got to the other side of the room we worked on sequencing and matching tens frames to numerals. 

The possibilities are ENDLESS! 

Happy moving and learning!

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