Math Crafts

I love when you can cover multiple skills in an activity. Hence my new obsession with math crafts! Math, fine motor, requesting, labeling and sequencing all in one? Yes, please!!

Math crafts are very simple to do and can easily be customized to your meet the needs of your classroom and students. Here are 2 different examples from our ocean unit.

The first craft was completed after learning about sea turtles. Students had to use that knowledge to correctly ask for the pieces of the turtle project.

Next, students were given a math problem based on their individual math skills & needs. The answer to the problem told the students how many green squares to glue onto the turtle shell.

The second math craft we did during our ocean unit focused on beginning word problems. Word problems are very confusing to my kiddos, so this activity helped give them a visual.

I typed up this template (at bottom of craft) with blanks, so I could easily differentiate the math problems. Students first glued on the amount of fish written on their first line. Then they glue on the amount of fish listed second. When they were done gluing all of their fish on, students had to count all of their fish and write that number on the last line. 

Afterwards, students had to color the fish by following verbal directions. 

Happy math crafting!!

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