Weekly Round Up- Easter

We had so much fun this week, but boy am I glad we are officially on spring break now!!

All of my students celebrate Easter and were excited for the upcoming holiday. I had to work over time to keep their attention! We worked on math with this fantastic set from my friend Gabrielle over at Teaching Special Thinkers. 

You can find Gabrielle's set here.

Many of my students are still working on consistently making sets, so this book was perfect for them. I have a few who are working on addition, so for them we made our questions harder. 

Next we read Pete The Cat's Easter Book. My kiddos loved it! After reading it we worked on answering comprehension questions and sequencing the events before expanding it to reading easy readers and using writing starters.

In the picture on the right, students were asked to color the booklet by following verbal directions. You can easily split into groups and use multiple step directions with some of the students and simple directions with others- no extra materials needed!

 I love reading all of the ideas kiddos come up with! Starting with writing prompts gets the students thinking about how they can make ideas their own and get creative. 
Click here to check out the cat set we used to practice reading and writing skills.

Hope you have a fantastic Easter and spring break!

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