Meet Pam

My name is Pam and I am so excited that you are here! I know how busy teachers are, so I really appreciate that you took the time to learn a bit more about me. 

I have been a special education teacher for 20 years. For most of that time, I have had an elementary self-contained classroom. The moajority of my students have been diagnosed with autism, language disorders or global delays. 

I have also been married for 20 years to an amazing man who still manages to surprise me.  This picture was taken in Maui when he surprised me with a week long get away to Hawaii for my birthday! I had no idea and he had EVERYTHING planned.... he's definitely a keeper!

We also have 2 sons, 2 dogs and 5 cats! Yup, we are crazy like that!! 

While I have always loved teaching, the birth of my oldest son gave me a whole new perspective. Ben had many medical issues, a sensory processing disorder and an auditory processing disorder. While challenging, it gave me a better understanding of what my students' families needs were and the impact we were having in the classroom. That perspective made me a much better teacher. 

In my classroom, I have students at varying levels of development and functioning. That's why when I create products for my Teachers Pay Teachers store I try to include a variety of response sheets and ideas for using the resources in different ways and with different abilities & levels.  I have extensive training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Applied Verbal Behavior (AVB), so that is also reflected in the resources I create. 

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