Vocabulary and writing

You can easily target vocabulary if you use themes in your classroom. I use the vocabulary board below during morning meeting to work on building vocabulary skills. 

I also use this board in writing groups. The group is small, generally 3 students at a time. We take turns picking a picture or word and then dictating a sentence to the rest of the group. The goals of this group is to 
  1. Teaching students to generate sentences. This student has to recall all that we have learned about this word and put it to use to come up with a sentence. 
  2. Teaching the other students to attend to peers, retain sentences and then be able to write the sentence. 
This activity is easily modified to use with students who aren't yet writing. For those students I have them dictate a sentence about the picture from the board and an adult writes it for him or her.  Then the student draws a picture to illustrate the sentence.

While you could spend lots of time creating these activities, the set below will save you time and work! Did I mention that you save 30% if you buy the whole bundle?!

Looking to save time?? Each of the thematic sets included in this bundle have all of the materials you need to target and build expressive and receptive vocabulary. All of the materials are already leveled to save you time!! 

I would love it if you could share how you work on vocabulary. Leave me a comment! 

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