Scheduling part 1

      Classrooms are busy, busy places!! It is important to plan ahead and organize as much as possible BEFOREHAND

One way I go about this is to schedule my teaching assistants or aides' breaks, lunch and at least part of school day. When I am busy teaching and dealing with the 100 and 1 things that pop up during the day the last thing I want to do is try and remember who needs a break or lunch. 

I have 5 teaching assistants...I will forget! Instead I give the teaching assistants a daily time for breaks and lunches and assign them certain activities throughout the day. For example, at the beginning of the year I tell Renee, a TA in my classroom, her lunch and break times for the year. I also put her in charge of one of my centers, sensory time and an intensive teaching session. This accounts for about a third of her time during a school day. 

I also assign responsibilities before and after school. For example, setting up schedules, morning meeting, etc. Of course there are times that I have to tweak or change her schedule throughout the year, but this gives me a starting point. 
 Once I have assigned everyone a break, lunch and some responsibilities I post it in the classroom. Posting the schedule is very helpful when there is a substitute in the classroom. He or she can look at the schedule and know exactly what his/her responsibilities are while s/he is subbing in my room. 

       I also let my staff know that is is their responsibility to take their break/lunch at the assigned time. While we are on the subject, I would add that all teachers should have a scheduled lunch time. It is important for everyone to get a break especially in a special education classroom. 

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