Scheduling Part 2

Scheduling can be very tricky in a special education classroom. In my class there are 6 different therapists that take students out of my classroom. As I said in part 1... it is hard to keep track of it all! Click HERE if you missed part 1.
I spend a great deal of September working on "the perfect" schedule (yeah, right!). The first thing I do is print out a spreadsheet of which student receives each therapy and the frequencies for each student. This is what my form looks like...
I have this with me while I am scheduling with each therapist so I know exactly how many times the student needs to be seen. For the actual scheduling I use a blank schedule that has the time slots for each of my groups or lessons. Using the student's initials I schedule therapy on my blank schedule. This helps me avoid scheduling the same child during that time block. It also allows me to see if students have back to back therapy or are out of the room for too long. Here is what it might look like...
There are times during the day that I try to protect and limit anyone from pulling a student. To keep track of those times I highlight my blank schedule (pink squares) before I begin scheduling. 
     Tip: write it in pencil!!! If your classroom is anything like mine you will need to tweak it more than once. 
After scheduling I make a copy and post it in my classroom. This is helpful when a therapist comes knocking to see if they can switch a student. Since it is all right there the therapist and or TA can easily tell if a student is able to switch times if I am not available. 
I would love to hear any tips you have for scheduling!!

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