The makeover continues!

Welcome to day 2 of my classroom makeover projects! This project idea came from pinterest. Don't you L-O-V-E pinterest?!?! This is the pin that inspired me...
                                 Two filing cabinets back to back with fabric to cover. Magnet board!!!

Click HERE for the blog the pin links back to.

All I needed was 3 different items... hunter green fabric to match my classroom decor, double sided tape and border. To get an idea of how it was going to sit I clipped the fabric up with magnetic clips. Once I had it about where I wanted it I attached the edges of the fabric to the cabinets with double sided tape. Then I used the double sided tape to put up the border. Instead of buying more border I used the white (backside) side of border I no longer like. Here is how it turned out...
I'm really excited to use this with my kiddos! I think it is going to be my "Spot our good work" board. I am going to add magnets for each of the students, so they can proudly display their hard work. 
Stay tuned for Day 3 of classroom makeover projects!!!


  1. What a great dual use of filing cabinet space!!! The kids will love putting their work on the classroom all of fame.