Language groups

     We made it! One full week of school is officially under our belts!!! I forgot how exhausting the first week of school is. I love getting to see my kiddos again and meet our new friends, though. 
      One of the activities I look forward to most is language groups. The speech therapist and I split up the students and run groups. Her groups focus on specific speech and language goals while my groups tend to be focused on letters, words and reading comprehension. I also embed language goals, but not as heavily. 
        This is the book we read....
We talked about how the book has a lot of repetition and by the middle of the book the students were reading along and filling in words with me. 
         Afterwards we sequenced pictures from the book together  before I gave them copies of the pictures to cut out and sequence. 
After cutting out the pictures they had to glue them on to their sheet in the correct order. 

By the end of the half hour all of the students in the group were able to retell the story and label all of the items. 

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