Letter Aa!

     This year we will be studying one letter a week. This past week was all about the letter Aa. Every morning we reviewed the letter, sound and words that started with A. 

     We did all sorts of Aa activities. We made Aa lists, played games like Find the Aa, did Aa letter sorts, etc. The kiddos really liked the Aa picture sort:

Click HERE for the Letter Aa picture sorts. There is also a letter Aa mini unit that can be found HERE.

The most tasty thing we did of course was letter pancakes! The group centered on letter Aa, but we also used the letters in our names.
To incorporate language the students had to ask for the cookie cutters, and had lots of toppings they could request to use. Do you cook in your classroom? It is the perfect time to incorporate language, fine motor, math and life skills!

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