Letter B week

     This week we have been learning all about letter Bb. We did letter sorts, brainstormed Bb words and read lots of books for letter Bb. 
     The activity my kiddos liked the best.....going on a letter Bb hunt with binoculars! 

We started the game by reviewing Bb words. Next staff hid both upper and lowercase paper Bs around the room. Many of the letters were hidden in pairs (upper and lower) so students had many opportunities to discriminate between upper and lower case letters. 
Once letters were hidden, we took turns searching out a letter. Some students had to find upper while others had to find lowercase letters. Once students found the letter s/he had to tell the group where it was hidden. 
Using the binoculars to find their letters made it a really reinforcing activity for the kids. 
Want to make the game harder? Hide distractors among the letters, too. 

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