Science flop!

        We had our first science lesson and it was bumpy!! It was only little things, but I was so excited to do the lesson and I wanted it to be perfect! We started the year talking about what sinks or floats. We read the Sink or Float big group book...
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We started the lesson by reading the big group book....

 talking about and labeling the objects in the book. I was in a rush when I bound the book and it fell apart while I was reading (mishap #1!!) 
Next, we started taking turns filling a clear bucket with water. All of the sudden there is water all over the table. bucket sprang a leak!! We quickly transferred the water to a clear bowl. Now I think I am in the clear- NOT!! At the end of the lesson we took the items from the book and tested them to see if they actually float or not. Well guess my ruler doesn't fit in the bowl (it fit in the original bucket) so we can't see if it floats or not. 
I was a bit down that my "perfect" lesson had quite a few bumps, but my students LOVED it! They are excited to do the next part tomorrow. 
Moral of the story: our students don't need us to be perfect! What a relief!!! 
Stay tuned to see how the second part of the science lesson goes!!

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