Caramel Apple Craft

      Looking for a super cute craft to do for fall? One of the teaching assistants in my classroom came up with this adorable craft. First we traced apple shapes onto green or red paper. We used poster board, but I think construction paper would work. The we taped on a tongue dispenser at the top of the apple. We worked on "half" and instructed the students to only paint half of the apple. Some students were able to do it while others need a line drawn to help them be successful. Other students painted half and then asked to paint the "whole" thing. While the paint was still wet students added Jack-O-Lantern sprinkles to the painted apples. 

In this simple craft students worked on:
*Following directions
*Whole versus Half
*Fine motor skills

Happy fall y'all!


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  2. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the post!