Catch up!

          Sorry for being MIA friends! I have been very busy learning about the new NYSAA (New York State Alternate Assessment). Basically it is the special education take on core curriculum and assessment. It will be a HUGE adjustment for my students. If you are also involved in NYSAA I would love to hear from you...drop me a comment!
      Meanwhile in my classroom we have been exploring pumpkins, wrapping up our fire safety unit and adding new layers to our morning meeting time. 
      Do your kiddos have binders for calendar time? This is the first time we are using them in my classroom. So far we only have two items in them: a calendar that is filled out daily and piggy banks with coins to be velcroed on. We are using two versions of calendars. The students that are able to write numbers (with or without a model) have blank calendars. They work daily to count up to the next blank and then add the number of the day. The students that aren't able to write a number on their own have a calendar with dotted numbers on it. They are working on counting and tracing.
       Each student also has a laminated piggy bank in their binder with coins attached by velcro. Right now we are working on identifying coins and following verbal directions on which coin to find and move to the middle strip of Velcro. It is going well, but we definitely need extra time built in to practice. 

Teacher's version which we use as a model:

       I use Amanda from A Special Kind Of Class' set. You can check out HERE.
              Stayed tuned tomorrow to see what pumpkin and fall crafts we have been working on.

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