Language game

    This week we have been playing a lot of language based games. I've specifically been targeting answering questions. A major underlying skill to being able to have a conversation is being able to talk about or describe something. My kiddos need specific instruction and practice of this skill as all of them have a language based disability. 
     To help us work on these skills I have begun making BINGO games that have clues or questions students have to figure out. All of the possible answers are right there in front of them on the game board. My kiddos are digging the games and haven't noticed all of the hard work they are doing...BONUS!
      Here are the materials we used:
You can find the materials HERE
All you need to add are small manipulatives or chips used to cover spaces. I used old math chips. I also mounted my boards onto differnt colored paper, so students could ask for the color game board they wanted. 
To play, students took turns answering the clue questions. We then practiced telling your friends (in a complete sentence!) which picture to cover. 

This is what the board looked like at the beginning of the game.

This is the board towards the end of the game. My kiddos didn't care about winning, so we just played until all of the pictures were covered. 
Look for more of these types of games coming soon!

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