Letter Slap!

      Today I introduced my students to a really fun way to practice quick recall of letters....Letter Slap! They LOVED it!! To start I shuffled the letter cards and dealt all of them out to the two students.

Next, we talked about the rules and which letter they are looking for. This is letter Ee week in my classroom, so every time an Ee was put down the students had to race to slap their hand down on it. To play students took turns laying one letter card down while labeling the letter.

SLAP! Someone spotted the Ee first!!

      The first person to slap the letter Ee got to keep all of the cards. When all of the cards from the student piles were played we took turns counting how many cards each student collected during the game. The student who collected the most cards wins!
       The kiddos really enjoyed playing the game. They even asked to play it again. You want to practice letters again?! OK!!! I was pleasantly surprised at how even my students who normally require more processing time quickly recalled the letters.

        Want to play, too? Click HERE to get the game. The game includes both upper and lower case letters, so you can decide if you want to review upper case, lower case or both. It makes it super easy for teachers to tailor the game to their student's needs. 

        I just created a second version to practice numbers 1 to 20. Click HERE to check the Number Slap! game out. The number version includes different fonts for the numbers to ensure that students can generalize their skills across writing and fonts. 

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