Poetry fun

        While I have always done songs or finger plays with my class I have never really focused on poetry. I recently found a monthly set of poems that fit nicely into my themes and have lots of "extras" to make poetry more interesting and concrete to my class. Guess what...they are totally digging it! This week is all about fire safety, so we are focusing on Fire, Fire!
We had a great time practicing reading it as a whole and line by line. We started by reading it as a whole. Next, we read it line by line and worked on matching the pictures to improve comprehension. The pictures and words gave us lots of opportunities to practice different language and vocabulary. 
Afterwards we worked on the readers that came with it. This gave us an opportunity to practice reading the poem in a different format. 
As we read the booklet we colored something on each page according to a verbal direction. To wrap up the activity we went back one final time and spied some sight words. 
The poems I will be using in my classroom all month are from Deedee Wills. Here is a link to the bundle I am using from Deedee's store. I highly recommend them.

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