Pumpkin exploration

      Are your kiddos as excited as mine about Halloween week?!?! They are beside themselves with joy about pumpkins, costumes, parades and of course CANDY! 
      Many of my students don't have a lot of community based experiences to build on, so we give it to them whenever possible. They L-O-V-E-D carving a class Jack-O-Lantern and painting pumpkins. 
       Most of my class can write, so we had them draw the shapes on this year. The face is a little bit off kilter, but super cute!
Students had to state in a complete sentence which body part s/he was going to draw and what shape it would be. Next, we took turns carving out the lines we drew.
We explored the insides of the pumpkin and talked about how it felt. It was a huge deal for some of my students to touch it. 
 Afterwards, we painted a small pumpkin that students will be taking home. During this part students had to request which paint colors they wanted to use in complete sentences. 

The pumpkins came out great and now all of my students will have a pumpkin for their house. Yay!

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