Alphabet readers

    My kiddos are loving little booklets that let them practice their skills and allow them to take something home to show off what they learned. For each letter I have been making booklets that highlight a specific letter.
    We practice one to one correspondence and pointing to each word...

      Next, I give the students a one to two step verbal direction depending on which students are in my center. Students have to listen to the direction, find a specific color and then color per the direction. For some of my students this is a lot of work. 

   My students really enjoy this center. About half of the parents have let me know that their child is rereading the booklet at home...even the ones who are still struggling with reading sight words are able to learn the patterns and show off their skills to their families. Yay!
     The booklets in the pictures highlight the letter J which is part of a pack for letters J and K. You can find it HERE. Each booklet can be downloaded in black and white or color. 

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