Holy cow!

     Howdy friends! I can't believe November is half way over!! This is such a busy time in our schools. SLOs, baselines, frenzies, lessons, oh my! I feel like my head might pop off sometimes. On the upside, my students are doing well remembering the routines, rules and are making steady progress. We have really been working on practicing our skills in centers. 
     This is Ii week, so we have been doing Ii sorts, chanting Ii words and reading/making Ii booklets. My kiddos love the Ii sorts from Kindergarten Lifestyle. I purchased the bundle which allows me to easily differentiate for my students. 

You can find them here
     In the math center we have been working on matching numbers to sets of objects. 

You can find the Thanksgiving number puzzles HERE.

Hope everyone's November is going smoothly!!

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