We are scientists!

      My class has been working on what scientists do. We've also been exploring scientific tools and learning about what each tool is used for. To make it come alive the kiddos got to dress up like scientists with a lab coat (AKA a  large white dress shirt), goggles and then they had to request a scientific tool from a set of scientific and non-scientific tools. I took pictures once they were dressed to impress! LOL! 
    Next, we printed out the pictures and got the letters ready for the poster. Students then had to request materials to make the rest of the poster....specific colored paper, shapes, tape. Once the kiddos had mounted their pictures how they liked them they had to use a complete sentence and tell me where on the poster they wanted their picture mounted. We worked on positional words like top, bottom and next to. All of my students have a hard time with positional words, so it was nice practice for them. 
      When everyone had put their picture on we hung the poster in our classroom. Now everyone who enters will know we are scientists!

Disclaimer: this was not my idea. I saw it on a kindergarten blog, but I can't seem to find the blog. Leave a comment if you know the blog. I would love to leave a link. It was a cute learning activity that my class really enjoyed. 

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