Me On The Map!

In social studies we have been working on learning our addresses and map skills. Map skills are very difficult and abstract for my students. To help make it more concrete for them we put a map together for our classroom. 

(all of the names have been blocked out)

We start the unit by working on reciting our address. Then all of the students bring in a photo of their house or apartment. The students take turns coming to the front of the class to find the photo of their house. Next, they practice speaking in front of others and recite their address to the group. Students get to walk around and show everyone their photo. During the next social studies period we bring out the map of the area which has been blown up to make it easier for my students to read. One by one students come to the front of the class to practice reciting their addresses once more before finding their house or town on the map. Students end their turn by writing their name under their photo. The poster hangs in our classroom for the remainder of the school year. 
     What fun activities do you do to make social studies more concrete and fun for your class?

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