Snow Craft

      We have stopped doing fall crafts and have begun making more winter based crafts. Today we took down our acorn crafts that hung in the window and made sparkling snowflakes to hang up. 
   After requesting all of their materials, the students cut the paper any way they wanted. Next, they sprinkled glitter (or poured!) onto the sticky side of clear contact paper which was cut to be slightly bigger than the snowflake. Students then stuck their cut out snowflake on top of the glitter covered contact paper. We then patted it down on the window. 
    To incorporate more language into the activity students had to explain which window they wanted to hang it on and where (top, left, etc.). We then patted it to the window together. They came out great!
Here you can tell that some of my kiddos L-O-V-E glitter!! The picture doesn't do the snowflakes justice...they really do look pretty. 
Here is a closer look. It was difficult to get a good shot since they are on the window...

How are you getting ready for winter?

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