Write the Room Fun

    I know a lot of you already do write the room activities, but I always thought it would be too hard for my students. Boy was I wrong! They LOVED it!! 
    I have two very distinct groups/levels in my classroom. I have a group of readers and a group of students who are at the very beginning of pre-readiness skills. To modify the activity I made  two different worksheets for the students. The kiddos that can read had to find the pictures hidden around the room and then copy the word on the card onto their sheet. The other group simply had to find the hidden pictures and then cross out or color the matching picture on their sheet. 

      To make it more fun for the class we searched for the hidden pictures with over-sized magnifying glasses. 

This is the matching sheet that students had to cross out or color.

We had to look high and low for the pictures!
I'm not sure if they are still in available, but the over-sized magnifying glasses are from the dollar store. They have held up pretty well. 


  1. Great idea for a start of the year activity! I think I will try and expand and have my learners do a "scavenger hunt" around the school to identify different places. Thanks!