Catch up part 1

    Last week I didn't get around to posting all about our week, so this is a catch up post. We have been super busy since returning from Christmas break. We are working on our winter unit, studied all about letter N and this week is all about letter O. We are also in the middle of our sound unit for science. Phew...we sure are busy!!
     In science we made mock ear drums to illustrate how the ear drum vibrates when we hear a sound. The kids L-O-V-E-D this!! We made the ear drums out of cups, thin rubber and rubber bands. First we sprinkled some salt onto the top of the ear drums and then we experimented with different ways to make the salt dance or vibrate. We tired to make vibrations by using noise makers, pencils and our voice. The kiddos liked using our voices the most. 
top view of our ear drum

making vibrations with noise makers

"Yelling" at our salt to make it vibrate. The kiddos were so funny. Their little faces were all scrunched up and angry looking when they were yelling, but then the look of fascination took over when they saw the salt dance. 
Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2!

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