Catch up part 2!

     As I mentioned yesterday, we have been busy learning all about sounds in science class. After our ear drum and vibrations experiment we focused more on what does and doesn't make sounds. 
      We started by reading Does It Make A Sound interactive book. We took turns reading and labeling the items and adding the answer to each page. 

      Some of the items don't make a sound on their own, but you can make it make a noise. This generated some good discussion in the group. 
      After reading the book I spread the pictures from the book on the table and the students took turns finding a picture based on one or two clues. For example, a student found the picture of the alarm clock when I said, "What has numbers and ticks?" Once students found the picture he or she had to decide where to put it on the pocket chart. 

Click HERE to check out the Does It Make A Sound? set which include an interactive class book, a class book, student booklets and the pocket chart center. 

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