Did you miss me?!?!

Happy New Year!!
So sorry to have been MIA! December got the best of me and I got very behind on my blogging. One of my goals for 2014 is to be a more active and consistent blogger. I am going to try to stick to a schedule. I'm thinking something along these lines...
                 Make my life easier Monday:
                        I will be blogging about items or ideas that make teaching or life easier. 
                 What's up Wednesday?!
                        I will be blogging about what we are doing in my classroom and anything else relevant
                 Sum it up Saturday
                       On Saturdays I will be summing up the week with pictures and links.

I would love to know if there are any specific topics you want me to cover. When I first started the blog my intent was to share more of my knowledge about setting up and running a quality special education classroom which I have kind of gotten away from. I will be trying to embed more of that info into my posts. 

Have you been enjoying your break? I am lucky enough to have the rest of the week off, too. I have been busy finishing up some products in my store. 
Does It Make A Sound? is my latest science product where students discriminate what does and doesn't make sounds. Click HERE to check it out.

You will get ELEVEN different winter based centers in  this set. This set will take your student's skills closer to mastery. Check out the set HERE.

I am so excited for this set. I just started doing write the room with my kiddos this year and they LOVE it! This set covers the whole alphabet and includes 2 levels of student recording sheets to make sure that all levels of students can do it successfully. Click HERE to see it.

Happy New Year Y'all!

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