Make My Life Easier Monday

Every Monday I will be highlighting something that makes my life easier. Teaching is hard work so who wouldn't be interested in making it easier?! 
Today is all about Dropbox. Have you heard about it? Dropbox is an online filing system which can be used to almost instantly transfer items from one of your electronics (smart phone, ipad, computer, etc.) to another. 
Dropbox can be used to transfer photos from your phone to the computer or ipad, to download items from TPT or other websites  when you aren't near the computer or to file and saving photos or other electronic files. Dropbox is ideal for getting flash freebies when you aren't at your computer! 

When my husband first tried to get me to use it I was very resistant. I don't always embrace change or new ways and I already had a way to get stuff from one place to another. Who cared that it took me waaayyy longer?!?! Well I can tell you from experience....give it a shot and you will be a believer after the very first time. It has saved me SOOOOOO much time!!

Want to check it out? Click HERE to save yourself tons of time and headaches!!

Do you have a time saving tip? I would love for you to add it in the comments section. Thanks!

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