What's up Wednesday?!

      Today is all about movement. Teachers all around were rejoicing in December that it was time for Christmas vacation. This year we had 2 full weeks off...YAYYYYY! I thoroughly enjoyed my time off. Unfortunately a long vacation isn't ideal for my students.  As I have mentioned, all of my students have multiple disabilities. A two week break in programming equals spikes in behaviors and regression in skills. 
       This week I have planned more fun and hands on activities to help kiddos with the transition back to school. Here is one of the activities we did during math centers....

        To prep for the activity I copied and laminated white snowflakes in two different sizes. We started by reading a poem about snowflakes and how they build up in numbers. Next, I climbed on the table and tossed the snowflakes up into the air. Don't worry- I told the kiddos never to climb on the table! :D

Students had to catch as many snowflakes as they could. Afterwards students came up to the table one by one and counted out how many s/he was able to catch. 

Then we graphed the number.....

We ended the activity by discussing who caught the most, least, etc. The kiddos liked it so much they asked to do it again!

      This fun and active math activity covered the following skills:

       1. Counting: snowflakes, graph squares

       2. Graphing: parts of a graph, making and reading a graph

       3. Attending: to the activity and to peers as they took their turns
       4. Motor skills: visually following the falling snowflakes & gathering the

      5. One to one correspondence: counting up the snowflakes and the graphing

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