Write the room fun

   It cracks me up how excited my students get every time we do write the room. It never seems to get dull for them. I'm pretty sure part of the appeal is they get to use giant magnifying glasses to search out their words. 
   To meet everyone's needs we use two different student recording sheets. There is one that asks students to write the word of the picture they find.
I use this one for my students that are able to write. 
         For the group of students that have a very hard time writing and developing fine motor skills I have a recording sheet where they make an X on the line once they have found the picture. 

It is a great way to differentiate the lesson and still keep them accountable for finding and learning the words. 

    Every week we learn about a new letter of the alphabet. To combine learning our letters and write the room I made Write The Room Alphabet Edition

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