Insects, Insects Everywhere!!!

We just wrapped up a fun week of insects and bugs in my class. It is one of the kiddos' favorite units to do. We started the week by learning the names of different insects and learning some interesting facts through our posters. 
We used the posters to learn about the bugs and to get ready for a language concepts game. For the game I give one or two descriptors and students have to guess the bug/insect. This is a great game for students who need practice with word recall, vocabulary and categories. 
We used the book, Spider, Spider, What Do You See? to continue working on insect identification, matching and sequencing. 
Sorry that it is is only sideways on the blog!
Anyway...some of my kiddos need picture choices to answer comprehension questions. While reading I would stop and ask a question giving the kiddo 2 to 3 picture choices. We worked on 'who' and 'what' questions with this book. Some of my students are still working on matching from a set of choices, too. Having all of the pictures as well as distractors made it easy to differentiate instruction within the same group. 

Great way to combine language and math!
For arts and crafts we made bees. I love all the cute faces the kids added!

Students also learned about what an insect is and what they all have. We then practiced labeling the 3 body parts and simple addition. We used the dice to make sets of butterflies and then added the sets up. 

We ended the week by making these super cute and tasty edible ladybugs:
We adapted this idea from Pinterest. There are a lot of different versions of this on Pinterest. 

We used this set HERE to do all of our different activities. 
Till next time!

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