Lesson learned

Did you miss me?!?! Work and life has been crazy, so I needed to take a bit of a break. The break was nice, but looking back I realize that the break allowed me to get in a rut and not be creative. I am so much more creative when I am focused on sharing ideas and helping to inspire others. The next few days will be devoted to getting back into my blogging routine while catching you all up on what has been going on in my classroom. 
     First up....we've been working hard on learning to generalize our letter sounds knowledge and create CVC words. We have been working on these skills during centers time. Here are a few pictures....

 Some of my students were able to practice creating the CVC words with just the picture.

Some of my students were ready to create CVC words on their own. I have a few that are still working on letter identification and matching. These kiddos worked on these mats....
Students were asked to match the letters already printed on the cards. After matching the letters we practiced spelling and sounding out the words. 

It was really nice being able to use the same set of materials for my whole class. None of the students felt like they were being singled out with different materials. Interested in the CVC materials we used in these pictures? Click HERE to check out the Leveled CVC Word Builders set. 


  1. Great idea to create a versatile product everyone can use!
    Burke's Special Kids

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  3. These look awesome, I know some of my students would really benefit from this sort of practice! I do a similar thing with student names but hadn't thought to do the cvc words too, thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I didn't think to do it with names! Thanks for the idea!!