Combining Reading and Math

 I love when I can find ways to extend a book into math. I just stumbled upon this book and it is perfect for practicing math concepts:
The book practices 1:1 counting every few pages as well as addition, so follow up math activities are natural. My students are easily split up into two main groups. I have a group of students who are still learning to make sets, count correctly with consistency, sequencing, etc. The other half of my class is working on addition with and without manipulatives. 
The first group worked on making sets or groups of eggs as well as sequencing and matching numbers...
sequencing numbered eggs

Matching numbered eggs to the mat full of eggs
We also worked on counting sets and identifying the correct number...

The other group of students were working on recreating the addition sentences from the book. 

Here we worked on the concept of adding two sets together.

The students enjoyed the book and doing all of the different activities built around the story. In case you are interested, click HERE to see all of the materials we used for this lesson.


  1. What a great way to differentiate, all with the same book! I can see why this was one of your favorite lessons. Thanks for linking up!

    Teaching Momster

    1. Thanks! The kiddos loved all the different activities.