Community helpers

Let's talk about community helpers. It is a great unit to integrate math, ELA and writing and such an important life skill for our kiddos. Here are some ideas for boosting language skills and life skills while learning about community helpers.

We kicked off the theme by playing games with vocab cards. Many of my students struggle with language concepts, so we spend a lot of time labeling and describing each community helper. To generalize this knowledge we add this BINGO game to our centers. 


This Community Helpers Set that includes 3 different levels using the same boards so I can easily tailor and differentiate the center for my students. I love being able to use the same boards with all three levels because I don't have time to prep extra boards.

I laminate the BINGO boards onto different colored paper. I have students who are working on requesting with adjectives and this allows students another opportunity for practice. The vet cards above illustrate the 3 different levels. The beginning level simply requires students to match the card to their BINGO board. In the second level students have to guess which community helper it is by hearing a clue based on the helper's job. For example, the vet card states, "I help
 sick animals. Who am I?" Students have to answer the Wh- question. Then the person (student or teacher) turns the card around to reveal the answer. The clues and questions in level 3 are based on the tools the community helper uses rather than his/her job.

We also work on reading and sight word identification using the Who Am I? books. I have a full size book in color and the students have a half-page black/white copy. Here is a look at one of the pages in my copy of the book:

First, we read the full color class book. Then, in small groups we target skills using the student booklets. The student booklets are great for practicing multi-step directions, too. After we read the book we go back and color the pictures based on multi-step directions. For example my direction for the page below might be, "First color the vest yellow and then color the trash can blue." or "Give the man brown hair and then circle the word man." The possibilities are endless. 

We ended the week with a write the room activity. My class LOVES write the room activities! It gives them the opportunity to get their bodies moving which they need and crave. 

The cards to hide around the room are the same, but there are 2 different levels of recording sheets in this set. There is a set for students who are able to write and copy and then the other set is for students who aren't yet writers. 

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