Easy hands on science lesson: Seeds

My kiddos LOVE doing science investigations and experiments, so I am always in search of EASY ideas. This one is very easy and nicely reviews the different parts of a seed. To begin we took dry lima beans and soaked them in a bowl of water which we left over night. 

Students took turns adding the dry lima beans to the bowl before sharing their their guess for what was going to happen. We made a list of our predictions.

The next day we examined the seeds and made another chart to see which predictions happened and which didn't.

Next, we opened up the seeds to see the different parts.

We talked about each part (seed coat, food and seedling) and then pasted them on our sheet.

To wrap the lesson up and make sure students fully understood the concept we then acted it out. We crouched down and put on our coat to protect us. Then the ate the food and burst out of our coat as we (the seedlings) grew. They loved it!

I'm always on the look out for easy hands on science lessons. I would love to hear about your favorite one...leave it in the comments!


  1. The tornado bottle are some of my student's favorite science investigation. You take two soda pop bottles and fill one with water. We also put in glitter and some monopoly houses. We use a special attachment so that we can screw both bottles together so there is an opening between the bottles for the water to go through, but I am sure you could use duct tape and seal it really tight as well. Then you turn the bottle upside down, swirl the bottle with water vigorously, watch it form a funnel as it goes through to the other bottle. The glitter and houses swirl around to give it an added affect. Each student gets a chance to swirl and get a fill for what needs to happen to get the water to funnel. We watch videos to go along with it. Afterwards, the bottle becomes a sensory toy.

    1. Oooh, great idea to add the monopoly houses! We have made the tornado bottles, but I've never thought to add anything. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I wish my science lessons had been this fun!

    1. What grade do you teach? For my class to attend to the lesson it needs to be fun and engaging, but they are developmentally around kindergarten level.