Looking for a system to help students regulate their own behavior?

Have you ever had a student who has trouble controlling him/herself? I have one or two students every year in my class that really struggle with controlling their impulses and behaviors. This year we started using the Just-Right-O-Meter as a visual guide for students and it has been SOO helpful. Here is what the it looks like:
I really like that the meter uses colors that represent concepts that students already know. Green is just right....this is where you want students to be. Students on green are ready to learn, attending, have their eyes on the speaker, etc.
Students can swing in either direction when they aren't regulating their bodies well. If you swing to the right you aren't putting enough effort into learning. If a student is escalating and behaviors are rising they are swinging to the left. 

What it looks like:

Swinging to the RIGHT...
     YellowStudents might be putting their head down, turned around in their seat, lounging in their chair, etc. 
     Red: Students may have dropped to the ground, attempt to leave the group, etc.

Swinging to the LEFT...
     Yellow: Students might be talking back, refusing to work, calling peers names, etc. 
      Red: Students may be aggressive, destructive or tantruming 

Once we introduced the meter with the class we added pictures to the green section as added reminders of what green behavior looks like. We only added pictures to the green section because that is what we wanted students to focus on. 

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