Self Regulation System Part 2

In part 1 I introduced the Just Right O Meter that we use in my classroom to help students visualize, control and monitor their behavior. The meter photographed in yesterday's post is the one we have hanging in the front of the classroom. Some of my students need a visual reminder right on their desks as well. Here is an example of the one a student might use:
This one has words about being too out of control, needs more effort, etc. You can tailor the words to the student. 

We also use modified versions of social stories that we have tailored to a student's needs. One of my kiddos has a tough time being respectful. To help him control himself he uses the Just Right O Meter as well as this social story written specifically for him...

This social story is read with the student several times throughout the day. Rereading the story throughout the day helps him keep the strategies and ideas in mind.

Some of my students also use a visual timer to help them get a better sense of how much longer an activity is going to be. 
As time ticks away the red part gets smaller and smaller. Visual timers are very helpful for students who don't yet tell time or those who don't have a great understanding of time. 

These tools, the just Right O Meter, social stories and the visual timer, have really been helpful in developing and improving self-regulation skills in my students. There are many versions and programs with meters to help students with self-regulation. If a student in your classroom is struggling I would encourage you to find one that best fits your student needs and give it a shot. 
I would love to hear of a system that works in your classroom. Please leave me a comment. Thanks!

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