The count down to fun!!

Do you do a count down in your class or school? This year my school isn't doing one, so we are doing one as a class. There are 19 school days in June for us. I blew up 19 balloons and hid "secret messages" inside each one. I labeled the balloons 1 to 19 and hung them in order:
We started by counting the balloons since not all of the numbers were showing. Then we popped one. The kiddos were so excited to find the secret message. The message said we got to do shaving cream play! Before we could play we figured out the subtraction sentence:
Then it was all about enjoying our special activity!!

They loved it and the mess it created!!
Want ideas for your own count down? Pinterest is full of free ideas for these countdowns. I chose the activities my kiddos would enjoy most. 

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