Behavior Series Part 4: Building a Positive System


               If you have been following along this week you are now able to collect useful data and create a behavior plan which works towards reducing inappropriate behavior. Now we are going to turn our focus to systems you can use with your whole classroom that focuses on rewarding behaviors you want to see more of. 
               The positive reinforcement system I use in my classroom is a token economy system. My kiddos have all had numerous negative experiences in school, so one of my goals is to shift the focus from what they shouldn't be doing to what they should. With this system each student has a strip that is with them most of the day. Attached to the strip are 6 pieces of Velcro. 
                 Here is an example of how it might look:

                Before we begin a group students pick a picture of something (a toy, an edible, an activity, etc.) that they would like to earn. Throughout the task, group or activity students earn pennies which have Velcro on them. At the end of the group/task students "cash in" their pennies- no matter how many they have. If the student has all of his or her pennies the item they worked for is theirs. If they don't have all of their pennies we talk about why he or she didn't earn all of the pennies and then the student has to sit for the rest of the 3 minutes while peers are enjoying their reward. 

One of the best things about this system is it teaches children that one mess up doesn't have to ruin your can always turn it around! The next activity the kiddo has the opportunity to pick and earn again. This has made a huge difference with my kiddos. It also helps them build up their time on task as well as get them through tough times. WIN!

**I almost forgot to mention the most important part! Make sure that the items the student(s) work for are ONLY available if it was earned. If the child can get the item later without having to work for it then there is no incentive to do the work. 

              Tomorrow we will be wrapping up this mini series with teaching kids to self-regulate. It is SOOO very important for them to learn to self-regulate. 
               Have another system that works well for you? Please add it to the comment section so we can all hear about it. Thanks!



  1. What are some ideas of items you use for reinforcers? We can't do food in our classroom.

    1. My kiddos like to work for the sensory bucket, a slinky, pokemon figures, trains, dinosaurs, legos, etc. They can also earn a few minutes of an activity like playing ball, coloring, etc. Whatever they want or are motivated by! ☺