Getting ready for fall?

     Have you started back to school yet? Thankfully in NY we don't return until September. Of course that doesn't mean that I'm not already working on lessons, looking for new ideas to gain the student's attention, etc. You, too?
      I am loving this product from Susan at Friendly Froggies

I really like that it works on adding in two ways. I like to have kiddos attach a clothes pin to the cards to mark their answers. Many of my students have fine motor delays and this gives them another opportunity to strengthen their small muscles. You could also have students mark their answers with dry erase markers if you laminate the cards.
       Another bonus to using the cards like one is it isn't a worksheet. Many students who find math challenging get frustrated before even starting the math when they see a worksheet. This hands on approach offers an alternative way to provide them with the needed practice. Win!
      Of course there are worksheets, too! This would be great for kiddos who love cut and glue activities or to send home as homework. This set has it all! You can check out the whole set HERE

What types of math centers do you like the best?
I would love to hear!!

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