Monday Fun*day Freebies!

Woot! It's Monday!! Ha! Did you ever think you would be happy about a Monday?! How can you not be happy for Monday  freebies? Today we have freebies from the Camping Teacher and Joyful Music.

The first freebie is from Joyce at Joyful Music. She has this great freebie all about character education.
This is a great set with music, lyrics, movements and MP3 tracks!! This includes 2 songs...1 for k/1 and another for 2nd-5th grade.  The K/1 song is perfect for my kiddos:
I love that there are movements included. I always pair movements with music in my classroom to better engage students. It is helpful with kiddos that need movement built into their day, too!
You can check out this FREEBIE HERE!

The next freebie is from Lynn over at the Camping teacher and it is perfect for the beginning of school. 
This is a great booklet for students who are on the kindergarten level. The pictures are large and clear and there is a spot for students to read and write the word.

These books would also be great to use for review, handwriting practice or RTI. Love! Go check out the FREEBIE HERE

Thanks for joining me for another Monday Fun*day Freebie!
Do you have a freebie you would like highlighted here? Leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you. Happy Monday!

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