Tabletop Craftiness!

      If you have been on Pinterest or FB lately you might have noticed the new craze...Tabletop Chart Stands! It has been on my to do list since June and I finally got around to doing it today. I am LOVING the way it came out!!
      I'm not into reinventing the wheel, so I went to my bloggy friend Laura's blogDifferentiation Station Creation has a whole post on exactly how to build the stand. I highly recommend checking her post out if you plan to build one. Laura gives you the complete list of materials.
       I had no problem getting all of the materials. My one problem...all the writing on the PVC! That would greatly bug my OCD, so it had to go!!

We tried nail polish remover, alcohol and mineral spirits....FAIL! My husband to the rescue! He used sand paper and got all of the writing and bar codes off. YAYYYY!

All of my pieces nicely white!

All I had left to do is follow Laura's directions for assembly. It was super simple and I LOVE it!!

It gets better!! Have I mentioned how clever my hubby is? He figured out a way to hang things without having to punch holes in it...

Voila! Hanging without holes!

It was super easy! I highly recommend following Laura's directions. Click here for her post. Happy crafting!

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  1. Love it! Thanks so much for the great tip on sand paper. I'm definitely going to be using that! Also, love the page protector tip. Awesome!